Guatemalan Coffee - One of The Great Coffees Of the World

As the number of coffee lovers is increasing day by day, the coffee brands also frown numerous. But many people are confused to choose the best one for their taste. Another factor to be considered is the freshness. Because no one want coffee stored for number of years.

When talking about the coffee, we have to talk about Guatemala. In the high altitudes of Guatemala lies the origin of Guatemala Antigua Coffee. This place is indirectly contributed with minerals of three volcanoes surrounding this place. So, the coffee here is very smooth and flavor is balanced with chocolaty essence in the coffee. Because of the unstable weather conditions, the price of the coffee fluctuates according to the weather and quality.

After separating the beans from the tree, they are roasted to full flavor perfection according to the temperature for different tastes. Roasted coffee is available from medium to dark grades. The process of making coffee is fully quality controlled. Due to this excellent process of production, Guatemala and Antigua Coffee are considered to be rare and their production is also limited.

Once roasted, any coffees quality decreases with time, like fresh baked bread. A good cup of coffee demands not only fresh, but high quality beans. Coffee shops that roast, or roaster-only operations have the freshest coffee. So, for the best tasting cup of coffee it is best to buy beans and grind them just before brewing. If you want to brew coffee in a way that brings out all of its body, richness, and flavor use a French press, accompanied by biscotti or croissants to further bring out the cocoa flavor in it. It gives a smoky flavor with a hint of spiciness, making it so special yet perfect for rainy days.

When choosing a coffee, think about the taste you like citrus notes, nutty or Carmel flavors. With combination best beans, equipment and press, you can brew your best coffee.

The top three coffee producers in the world are Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. But in terms of producing quality coffee, Colombia dwarfs its close competitors. And what country comes next after Colombia in high-grade coffee production? The traditional coffee powerhouse Brazil? No. It is Guatemala, a small Central American nation that has just been recovering from the ravages of a 36-year civil war.

It is not; however, not surprising that Guatemala to produces such quality coffee. Guatemalans have known coffee for centuries. The first plant was brought to Guatemala by Jesuit priests in the 1750s, who thought that it would make a great ornamental tree. Widespread coffee cultivation would follow half a century later.

Today, connoisseurs consider Guatemalan coffee as one of the finest in the world. As a testament to its greatness, Guatemala is a regular participant of the Cup of Excellence (COE), the most premiere annual coffee competition in the world that is organized in order to determine the best coffee in each registered coffee-producing country. Just think of the COE as coffee's Super Bowl. The finest and most expensive coffee in Guatemala that has been auctioned through the COE came from Huehuetenango, one of the main growing regions in the Central American nation. Its price? Well, it was bought for a whooping US$ 80.20 per pound.

And it is a well-deserved price. For Guatemalan coffee indeed offers an unforgettable experience to anyone. Ask any coffee enthusiast who has wide knowledge of different brands and you would probably hear from them that coffee from Guatemala is included in their top 5 best coffee lists.

How does Guatemalan coffee acquire its unique and rich flavor? Obviously, one huge factor is the climate. Guatemalan weather, not too wet and not too humid, is perfect for growing. Plant coffee in an arid area and you will get beans that are too acidic. Cultivate them in a place where rainfall is constant and you will get coffee that tastes dull. Guatemala's mild climate is just the coffee tree wants.

Amiable climate alone would not make good coffee. The substrate must also be in optimum condition. Coffee wants soil that is not all rich in nutrients and minerals but also has mild Ph levels. And that is exactly what Guatemalan soil offers. Because it is located in a region where volcanic activity is rather high, soil in Guatemala is mostly volcanic in origin. What makes volcanic soil good for coffee is the fact that it contains huge amounts of minerals and is not acidic in nature.

But the main factor that accounts for the goodness of Guatemalan coffee is the way it is cultivated. Almost all trees in Guatemala are shade grown. Farmers do not expose coffee trees to the sun. Rather, they cultivate them amidst the shade of larger trees like macadamia. The result is that the beans develop slower. How does that make coffee taste great? Well, when a bean matures slowly it becomes harder and develop richer flavors.

ANACAFE (Asociación Nacional de Café) is Guatemala's national coffee association. Its main role is to represent all coffee growers from Guatemala, large and small. ANACAFE has established standards for regional coffee designations and enforces strict flavor profile criteria. The highest grade of Guatemala coffee is known as SHB or Strictly Hard Bean.

 ANACAFE recognizes eight coffee growing regions in Guatemala: Acatenango Valley, Antigua Coffee, Traditional Atitlán, Rainforest Cobán, Fraijanes Plateau, Highland Huehue, New Oriente and Volcanic San Marcos. ANACAFE evaluates the flavor profile of coffees produced. Coffees meeting the strict criteria for a taste profile can be sold with regionally designated coffee labels such as Antigua, Atitlán or other. Coffees failing to meet the strict flavor profile criteria are sold as simply Strictly Hard Bean without a 'regional origin" designation name. The difference in margin and acceptability in specialty markets between an SHB coffee and an Antigua SHB coffee translates into significant financial revenue differences for the trade. As a result, coffee farmers are highly motivated to meet and exceed the flavor profile criteria in order to earn the right for regional designation.

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