Our Past

What started as a small sale of roasted and ground coffee in 1995, has now evolved to a unique enterprise with multiple options. Learning from the palates of our customers, we have created a variety of specialties, offering different aromas, flavors and qualities. Besides good coffee, we include our hundred percent pure and irresistible honey alfajores; well as a range of inputs related to coffee. We have also expanded our services, leasing machines for espresso / cappuccinos branded RENEKA, SIMONELLI and SAECO, percolators and importation services or threshing.

The roaster started in February of 2000, installed at the farm Las Brisas, with a small but dedicated process of roasting and grinding. It was functional thanks to the  hydropower that worked with a Pelton wheel, which has given 70 years ago, necessary for the operation of the main house and its employees source. The farm has passed from generation to generation, and has maintained a work ethic. With the family support was possible to start with the shopping, facilities installations and management of the roaster.

Our team is trained to always give genuine service and share a genuine smile at each visit of delivery. We roast every week so they can taste the freshest coffee.

The organic honey we sell is one hundred percent pure, free of chemical preservatives. Which we produce thanks to the diversity of bloom on the farm. Our bees are fed throughout the year from a variety of flowers; as the flower of the coffee, the coffee shade trees, fruit trees and forest rubber trees.

Our craft alfajores are cooked immediately after receiving your order, to be the most popular. They are prepared with high quality ingredients, getting a delicious final product.

We work with the best brands in terms of espresso machines, percolators, flavorings and supplies. Our customers value their experience with us. We have built loyal followers, and we work hard every day to continue building trust, working relationship and friendship that we have achieved.