Dark Roast, Whole Bean, Espresso Blend - 5 lbs

$99.97 $63.97

This Dark Roast Guatemalan Espresso Blend is Guaranteed to Be One Of The Most Delicious Coffees You Will Ever Try


*More Quality Control & Shorter Process and Export Times Means a Fresher and Better Tasting Coffee For You
Two Volcanoes Coffee is Cultivated, Processed and Packaged all in one place, and exported in the next following days by air to guarantee the best possible flavor & freshness! Your great coffee experience will begin as soon as you open the bag and smell the aroma of delicate floral notes mixed with this rare, single origin, great tasting coffee.

*The Best Tasting Medium Roast Coffee You Can Have
Our Coffee is cultivated at the higher grounds of the mountains located at the base of two of Guatemala's most important volcanoes: Tajana and Tajumulco. Volcanic soil provides a more fertile ground for coffee beans to grow which contribute to better quality beans with exclusive flavors found ONLY in this part of the world. This coffee belongs to a region called Barrancas, San Marcos which is specifically known for producing one of the best coffees in Guatemala with a deep full body flavor, no bitterness and delicious delicate floral notes.

*Save Money On A Real Gourmet Coffee
Most true gourmet coffees can only be bought at high-end coffee stores at a very high price but due to the fact that we process, package & export our own coffee, we can offer a real gourmet, great tasting coffee at a discount. You will not find a better deal for such a great tasting coffee.

*Guaranteed To Be One Of The Best Tasting Coffees You Have Ever Tried Or Your Money Back!
This is our promise to you: The Freshest, Best Tasting, Fair Priced Gourmet Coffee Or Your Money Back!

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